Berbice gyms receive gears from overseas-based Guyanese

Overseas-based Guyanese Nazar Sulaiman, 62, a masters boxing champion in the United States has been living up to his dream there, to keep the Guyana Flag flying and assist as many boxers in his homeland as possible by donating a number of boxing gears.

Mr Nazar Sulaiman (3rd right) presents the gear including a heavy bag to coach Gregory Cort as some of the boxers including 6 yr old Daniel Cort (foreground) share the moment.
Mr Nazar Sulaiman (3rd right) presents the gear including a heavy bag to coach Gregory Cort as some of the boxers including 6 yr old Daniel Cort (foreground) share the moment.

Sulaiman who was born in Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice has been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in Boxing equipment and gear to young boxers in Berbice. He has teamed up with a number of overseas based Guyanese including the illustrious duo of Reginald and Darius Ford to fulfill his dream, both in and out of the ring. Already, he has fulfilled this commitment, by winning the Masters boxing title in The USA and forward a shipment of a few jumbo barrels of gears for the boxers.

On Friday at a simple ceremony held at the Jammers Boxing Gym at Area H Ground, Rose Hall Town, Sulaiman made a significant donation of all types of boxing equipment to coach and former boxer Gregory “Chassie” Cort. Among the items donated were punching bags, boxing gloves of various sizes, head, groin and other types of guards, pads, raps, boots, speed balls, skipping ropes, trunks among other items. A number of young boxers from the club were present at the ceremony and adorned some of the gear.

Sulaiman, who is a Union representative in The USA, also runs a charity where on a regular basis he returns home and makes donation to various charities and homes.

Speaking to the Kaieteur Sport, the veteran boxer said that all he wants is to assist boxers out of the Ancient County to realize their dreams by providing much needed gear and uniform. He also plans to assist them financially whenever the need arises.

He is also in contact with former amateur and professional champion Jeff Roberts who along with former boxer Monty Bovell have recently restarted a gym in New Amsterdam to see what immediate assistance he can give. Another set of gears would be on its way soon.

Sulaiman, who migrated to the USA in 1972, said that he fought about four fights, three in the Ancient County and one at the National Park, Georgetown. He cannot remember the names of his opponents.

In the USA Suliaman immediate love was volleyball, but after he encountered Guyana’s late Commonwealth Champion and World rater, Patrick Ford one day. His boxing career was reignited.

He soon began training at a gym in Liberty Avenue, Queen’s NY. It was then that he learnt of the Annual National United States Masters Amateur Boxing tournament billed for the Gleason’s Gym, Front Street Brooklyn, New York, and decided to enter.
It is now history that he registered a second round technical knockout over Lonnie McCabe, a young pugilist from Albany USA, to win the national welterweight title. In that fight the Guyanese pugilist tipped the scales at 142lbs, three less than his opponent.

Sulaiman said that he loves the sport and will continue boxing because he is enjoying it. He stated that he loves to keep fit and is looking forward to his next fight and helping out young boxers in his home country.

He will be returning to the USA to continue training for whatever fight is upcoming and the next edition of the National United States Masters Amateur Boxing tournament and hopefully the New York State Championships. He is presently being trained by Darius Ford.