Dem Boys Seh

Dem boys seh…Officials got guards eating like a slave



When people refuse to answer a question is either dem don’t know or dem have to lie. Trump ain’t hold a press conference fuh three weeks because he know he woulda have to answer question on Russia and Comey. He didn’t want lie, suh he avoid de press.

Jagdeo, that scamp, used to do de same thing when he was president and it continue up to the other day. He had a press conference Thursday and when dem ask him a question about Pradoville 2 and de two acre wha he build he house pun, he bend down fuh tie he shoelace. When he raise up is then he realize he tie de reporter shoelace. He still ain’t answer de question.

Dem boys did ask him to tell de nation wheh he get all that money to build de mansion ee live in. He did promise to answer. De nation still awaits, because dem boys know that all his earnings plus he parents earnings couldn’t build that plus de property in Queenstown, and others.

Dem boys also remember asking him or any party member to point out one thing he do that de nation can be proud of.

De Chat-3 attempt many times to answer de question, but every time you call him he drinking rum and he can’t think.

As fuh de dummy, don’t ask wha he do, ask wha stupidness lef fuh he do. Soulja Bai heading in that same direction. He not holding press conferences to answer questions about de way he running de country. Dem got some corrupt things happening all over and he ain’t deh fuh see. Dem boys ain’t certain if he hearing, or if he intend to do anything.

Things start back to look like when Jagdeo, that scamp, and Donald de Dummy, was in power. Dem boys see a PS spend money to build two hut, but de ordinary man coulda tek that same money and build six.

Some officials renting portable toilet fuh dem guards that is more than de guard salary per month. Dem boys want to ask Soulja Bai if dem officials love dem guards so much that they would have dem eat like a slave and sh** like a king.

Talk half and answer that question.