Freak storm damages East Berbice homes


Several homes sustained severe damage and one was completely flattened during after a “freak storm hit areas of east Berbice at around 02:00 hrs yesterday.
Zinc sheets were blown off, PVC ceilings ripped out, concrete posts cracked and fallen trees and branches blocked one access street.

The storm struck sections of the Number 19 and Warren Villages. The high winds also ripped off roofs and caused millions of dollars in losses.
Neezam Khalim told Kaieteur News that his entire roof along with other parts of his home was destroyed or blown away.

“I hear noises like a hard wind blowing and I get up and go outside the house when I see all me ceiling start crash down on me”.
A shed, which he said was built recently at the cost of some $400,000 was demolished. Not a single zinc was in sight when the storm subsided.

According to Khalim, he managed to save a mattress and his daughter’s passport which he took downstairs in the kitchen. With the roof gone and the rain pouring in, all his other belongings were destroyed.
Another resident, Alimoon Gobin told Kaieteur News that he was not at home when the storm passed through.

“I aint went home but when I come I ain’t see no house and I deh looking for me house and there it deh flat on the ground.”
He is seeking assistance since he reportedly lost everything.

Another resident divulged that she awoke at just about 01:00 hrs when she felt her house shaking, she stated that before she knew it she had no roof as the catastrophic winds ripped through.
The entire Number 19 and Warren Villages sustained a power outage due to the storm. When this publication visited the area the residents were seen nailing their rooftops while some were still contemplating their next move.