Guyana Special – The Hyena-Man of Africa Solved

Guyanese Author Amani Zawadi announces the release of his recent publication:
‘The Hyena-Man of Africa Solved’

Guyana born retired international development economist Amani Zawadi, has published his debut book of five short stories entitled ‘The Hyena-Man of Africa Solved.’
The stories described as powerful, absorbing and entertaining are set against a Southern African backdrop, and explore traditional beliefs and attitudes to prejudice, deceit, love, greed and the lust for power in rural African life.
The collection is a work of fiction, created primarily on the basis of Zawadi’s insights over decades interacting with these communities during his twelve year tenure as Chief Agricultural Programme Officer with the London based Commonwealth Secretariat and years residing in Africa.
His work with the Commonwealth body involved planning and implementing various agricultural development projects in Africa, Asia, South America, The Caribbean and Melanesian South Pacific.
Hailed as a budding master of African short story telling, Amani’s main aim in writing is to bring to the attention of readers, particularly those of African descent, real life issues which impact on millions in an ever changing Africa.
The Hyena-Man of Africa Solved
By Amani Zawadi
Softcover / 5 * 8 in / 80 pages / ISBN 9781504995207
E-Book / 80 pages / ISBN 9781504995214
Available at Amazon.

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