Prince Harry’s Island Hopping: From Antigua To Guyana

LONDON, England, Thursday 27, 2016 – The dates of Prince Harry’s official 14-day visit to the Caribbean on behalf of the Queen have been announced, and the travel plans show he’ll be in the Caribbean from November 20 to December 4.

The tour will begin in Antigua and Barbuda, one of three countries Prince Harry will visit that is marking a significant Independence anniversary this year. He will then undertake a number of day trips to nearby countries, including St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada.

“There, Prince Harry will take the opportunity to learn more about local projects and initiatives, including those focusing on conservation, youth empowerment, and sport for social development,” a statement from Kensington Palace stated.

His trip will continue in Barbados, which is celebrating its 50th year of Independence.
“Prince Harry is looking forward to joining the many thousands of Barbadians who will be celebrating this occasion. His Royal Highness will also visit a number of charities and organizations in Barbados which carry out important work to address social issues that affect the region,” the statement added.
Prince Harry’s last stop will be Guyana, which also celebrated its 50th year of Independence in 2016. Although the Queen is not the head of state in Guyana, as she is in the other countries Prince Harry will visit, it is a member of the Commonwealth which she heads.

This will be Prince Harry’s second official visit to the Caribbean, following his first tour to the region in 2012 when he represented the Queen during the Diamond Jubilee.

“Prince Harry holds special memories of his last visit to the Caribbean, and of the warmth, friendliness and sense of fun that comes so naturally to this region. His Royal Highness is greatly looking forward to meeting more of the people who call it home, and for the opportunity during this tour to be visiting some countries for the first time,” the Kensington Palace statement said.
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