Jagmohan family developing $900m gated community at Windsor Castle

A local businessman has embarked on an initiative to develop a gated, luxury community at Windsor Castle on the Essequibo Coast in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam). It would be the first such community to be established in the Cinderella County.





















The community, dubbed “Jagsville”, will be developed by the Jagmohan family, and will feature 171 house lots as well as a swimming pool, playground, and a tennis court. It is anticipated to cost some Gy$900 million.





House lots will range from 5000sqft to 43,560sqft. Some 50 percent of the house lots will be made available to the Government under a private-public partnership.

Local contractors have already been engaged, and it is envisioned that this initiative would create numerous jobs for the locals during the construction phase.

The principal, Tamesh Jagmohan, delivering brief remarks during a sod-turning ceremony on Wednesday, lamented that it took him some three years to get approval for this project from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

“To my disappointment, three years after, we couldn’t get that approval,” he explained, noting that his company had applied for approval to embark on the project in 2017.

“We revisited this project within months of the new Government being installed, and we were able to receive the permission for this project on or around December 10 of this year. I am extremely thankful for that,” he posited.

The businessman explained thus: “From December 10 to now, we have mobilised our equipment, secured our raw materials, engaged all the agencies necessary for this housing project, and we are days away from serious movements and actions. If we wanna have development in this country, we have to have speed. Three years of a simple approval can really dampen one’s spirit. It’s not a case where we wanted a free piece of land. We acquired this land with our own resources, and its transported; and a simple approval should have never taken so long,” the businessman stated. “We could have had families already installed in those homes,” he added.

Notwithstanding, the businessman noted that he is looking forward to breaking ground and making the project a reality.

Meanwhile, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, has welcomed this multi-million-dollar private sector initiative as yet another demonstration of investor confidence in the Irfaan Ali-led Administration. He said the new scheme will boost the national housing drive and will help the Government to realise its manifesto promise to provide sustainable housing solutions for the nation.

“[It is] a very important investment for the people of Essequibo and Guyana…It’s important because while you have investments at the Government level, equally important is investment by private sector, and that is why we welcome this initiative,” the Minister said.