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Food & Drink

Roti - is a traditional flatbread that was introduced to Guyana by the Indian ancestors. It is normally eaten with cooked vegetables or curries. It is made most often from wheat flour and cooked on a tawa.  Did you know??  “A tawa is originally a Persian word derived from the word of "Taab" (تاب, meaning warmth / heat). It means something that emits heat.”

Metemgee - (from the Twi metem = plantains or bananas; gye = to delight) is a meal prepared by boiling together various root vegetables in coconut milk and can be eaten with fish. It is African in origin and came to Guyana from the enslaved Africans. 

And then there’s Pepperpot - derived from the Amerindians – a stewed meat dish which is traditionally served at Christmas.  The main ingredient, which gives Pepperpot its flavour, is Cassareep - the juice of bitter cassava boiled until it reduces and caramelises.  The result is a thick dark brown liquid.  Meats such as beef, pork or mutton can be used in the cooking as well as pepper and cinnamon for additional flavour.  Pepperpot can be eaten

with bread or rice.

Guyanese cuisine boasts some mouth-watering traditional dishes and thirst-quenching beverages including:- 


Traditionally Mauby, Sorrel and Ginger Beer are drinks that are mainly consumed at Christmas though they can be drank all year round…… There are also lots of other drinks, that can be made from fruits such as pine, guava, soursop not forgetting lime drink or swank as it is affectionately called, as well as sodas like ICee.

Click here to have a look at our recipe pages if you would like to get hands on,

and start cooking your own guyanese meals

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