Local business launches postcards in time for Christmas season


THE digital age has largely diminished use of traditional methods of greetings and expressions such as letters, postcards, and greeting cards, but, with interactions and gatherings drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic this past year, the need to uplift and spread some cheer to loved ones has caused a return to tradition of yore.

That is what owner of Caliper Drone Services, Julian Cadogan, hopes to capitalise on this Christmas, with the debut of his postcard business this Christmas season.


Caliper Drone Services is popularly known for its breathtaking images showcasing stunning scenes and sites from around Guyana, and now those images have been turned into cards, as a keepsake that Guyanese can now mail to each other, particularly relatives overseas.

“Finding unique gifts to share with loved ones is always a challenge during the Christmas season, and as our lives become more and more digital, the need to send cards is overlooked, but having an item that resonates with ‘home’ adds to the joy of sending a card to a loved one,” shared Cadogan.

“Post Cards by Caliper Drone Services were created with the vision of rekindling the transferred and cherished moments of well wishes and greetings. Persons like seeing ‘undiscovered’ parts of Guyana, shared in a new light, and these postcards will allow for that to happen, in addition to providing history or context about the image, and location,” he added.

Owner of Caliper Drone Services, Julian Cadogan, recently launched postcards business for Christmas

Aerial scenes of Guyana’s gorgeous coastline, or lush savannahs, perfectly captured scenes from the Lethem Rodeo, Diwali, or Rockstone Fish Festival, the postcards also double as a promotional tool for Guyana as a tourism destination.
With many of us restricted to our homes for a large part of the year, and many of our beloved locations closed up and vacations cancelled, love and appreciation for images that reminded Guyanese of locations they could no longer visit grew even more. 

“This initiative allows us to showcase new parts Guyana, as well as places that we love and missed, places that travel has restricted us from visiting, and it allows loved ones to reconnect in traditional ways while being reminded and enlightened about the beauty of our Guyana,” was how Cadogan put it.

Originating in the mid-1800s, post cards are small cards for writing and mailing without the use of envelopes, and over the years like stamps have grown to become a unique way of advertising a nation’s traditions and culture.


The Caliper Drone Cards are four inches by six inches and are retailed in packages of 10 for $2000, and are sold at a booth at the Giftland Mall, and can also be ordered through the business’s Facebook page or by contacting Cadogan directly on 592-627-1583.

The idea for the postcard was one that had actually first came to Cadogan in 2019, after persons would often reach out to him for details about the many awe-inspiring images, which he would often post on social media. He set about to find a way to make the pictures a tangible memento that persons could share.

“This makes the images tangible and creates something that they can hold and send to their loved ones. There’s space at the back to attach memories. So in addition to sharing the image they’re also able to share memories,” said Cadogan.
Cadogan followed up his idea by putting all the necessaries together.