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Guyana SPEAKS - Celebrating creativity in Guyana and the diaspora

by Rod Westmaas, Juanita Cox

This Guyana SPEAKS Zoom Event will be held on Sunday, 31st January 2021 at 2pm GMT- 9am EST / 10am GYT. Zoom link emailed out- 30/1/21

About this Event


Zakiya McKenzie was born in South London in the late 80s to a Guyanese dad and a Jamaican mum. She grew up in Kingston but returned to England in 2014, now living in Bristol. Zakiya is a storyteller and is currently writing for a PhD on West Indian newspaper in the UK. She was the 2019 Forestry England writer-in-residence and her 2018 master’s degree looked at the environmental and social implications of Guyana’s petroleum ‘discovery’. Zakiya has been a volunteer at Ujima 98FM community radio in Bristol since 2015.



Singer-songwriter Marissa McKinnon is set to release her first Soca Tune, I Love Guyana, which will be available on all major streaming platforms on Guyana’s Independence day in May. As an Artist, Marissa is known for being a fiery, energetic and uplifting performer. Her single I Love Guyana shows off Marissa’s exceptional talent: her ability to move between her commercial music to creating a national patriotic soca anthem. Marissa celebrates Guyanese culture and emulates the motto “One People, One Nation, One Destiny” within her lyrics. Marissa sings with pride and passion as her music celebrates Guyanese food, culture and national treasures. 

As a UK musician of Guyanese heritage she proudly pays homage to the beautiful land of Guyana, making her mark as a talented Guyanese Musician.



Jay Mistry is a ceramic artist whose heritage is from an Indian caste of potters, the Kumbhar. She makes sculptural and functional forms using hand-building and slip-casting techniques that celebrate the rawness and materiality of the clay, and provide a canvas for expression through texture or print. She is interested in how authority functions within society and how power shapes specific knowledge about places, landscapes and objects. She likes to use narration, both in the visual representation of forms and through words and print, to tell a story that counters the accepted truth. Her goal is to challenge the discourses that cause people to think and act in certain ways, using my personal experiences as a woman, of Asian descent, environmentalist and activist academic, as a vehicle for political assertion.





Errol Brewster is a Caribbean artist from Guyana, living in the United States. With more than four decades of a Caribbean-wide, multimedia imaging practice, he has participated in multiple CARIFESTA’s; the EU’s Centro Cultural Cariforo, “Between the Lines”, travelling exhibition, 2000; the First International Triennial of Caribbean Art, 2010; and the Inter-American Development Bank’s “Sidewalks of the Americas” installation, 2018.


Guyana SPEAKS Special: Ansel Wong in conversation with Roy Sawh (10th Jan 2021 at 9am GMT / 8pm ACT)

Guyana SPEAKS - Celebrating 50 Years of Hansib Publishing & Arif Ali

Guyana SPEAKS Special: Ansel Wong in conversation with Roy Sawh (10th Jan 2021 at 9am GMT / 8pm ACT)

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